Ecuador Earthquake Appeal 2016

swyaaOn April 16, 2016 a destructive earthquake of a magnitude of 7.8 impacted the coast of Ecuador. One of the cities affected was the city in which Monica SWY7 was born and raised, Bahia de Caraquez and other smaller towns near it. As we speak, the people there are without electricity, food and medical help. The local hospital has overwhelmed its capacity.
Because of the tragedy, Monica and other friends had formed a voluntary group that will be flying from Miami to Bahia(Ecuador) as soon as possible. This team of volunteers will carry three suitcases full of medical supplies for the injured in Bahia and surrounding villages. The personal damages of the earthquake are immeasurable; there is the dead toll of over 240 people with many more injured, missing or homeless.
Government assistance is not enough to take care of all of the victims. There are many small towns affected by the earthquake, and we need to act quickly.
At this time, we ask the SWY community, families and friends for your monetary donations. As more funds are collected, the more medicine, water, imperishable foods, and clothing these volunteers will be able to provide to the areas where it is needed the most, directly to the victims.
Please contact your local alumni association if you wish to make a group donation, or you can donate directly to Monica’s PayPal account.
Our country was not prepared for this kind of natural disaster; your solidarity is highly appreciated.
If you need any further information, please contact:
Monica Luque Castellon, SWY7-Ecuador
Whatsapp/LINE: 1-786-223-4447
NZ Ex-PYs that do not have a PayPal account can make a donation the Alumni account: 389017-0222268-00 (and let us know by the Alumni email – and we can sum up these donations to make one payment.